What are the benefits of working with us?



Mission Statement

“Classic Financial Services is dedicated to providing unmatched quality leasing and financial products and solutions to meet our customer’s business needs with the utmost integrity and compassion”

Benefits of Classic Financial Services

Why leasing company equipment is right for you?

There are many reasons individual firms and entrepreneurs choose our financing solutions and leasing options.  Immediate benefits of choosing to lease company equipment through Classic Financial Services include: Increased cash flow, focus on core competency, reduced interest rates, tax advantages under certain conditions, and enhanced brand image.

Increased Cash Flow : Your business will benefit from increased cash on hand by using our leasing services.  Lower initial investments are required for a lease to attain assets when compared to buying upfront. This extra cash can be reinvested in the business to ensure company growth.

Focus on Core Competency: Our expert staff and straightforward financial solutions make acquiring necessary equipment for your company simple and quick.  Leasing options through Classic Financial Services are hassle free, which allows our customers to put their time and effort into their business.

Reduced Interest Rates: As a customer of Classic Financial Solutions you are guaranteed to receive competitive rates on all your capital investment needs.  Our experience and resources combined with our personal flexibility allows our network of lenders to offer optimal rates!

Tax Advantages: The advantages depend on the specific lease agreement, however, lease payments can be used as an expense on the income statement accompanied by the lease commitment on your company balance sheet.  Specific leasing options can be used to attain vital financial benefits for your company through tax and various interest deductions.

Brand Image:  Your company vehicle and equipment has a direct impact on the customer’s idea of your business!  Keeping reliable and state-of-the-art equipment on-hand will give your company the professional and ideal brand position it deserves.